August 4, 2016

Payment Options

We Accept Cash, Checks, Credit Card, and Payment Plans.

Deferred Payment Plan
Our deferred payment plan allows you to have 1 month after classes to pay for your books.
To use this plan we need either a check or credit card.
Payment will not be processed until our deferred payments due date.
Late Fees will be charged for accounts not paid in full by the due date.

PCA (Personal Credit Account) – McNeese Location Only
Our PCA account is an open line of credit that allows you to charge your books with nothing down.
There is a $10 handling fee to open this account. (This pays for statements, envelopes, stamps, etc…)
The account is due in full 1 month after the start of classes.
There will be late fees for any account not paid in full by the due date.

All accounts must be paid in full by the due date. All accounts not paid in full will be assessed late charges. If the accounts are not paid in a timely manner, further action will be taken to recoup the funds. Our goal is not to penalize anyone but to ensure the timely payment of all accounts. If there is an issue regarding payment please contact us and make arrangements